Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Research Assistant | Laboratory of Sensory Neuroscience in New York, NY

Organization Overview

Thirty million Americans have significant hearing problems, ranging in severity from modest difficulty with speech comprehension through profound deafness. The majority suffer from sensorineural hearing loss deterioration of the hair cells in the inner ear. Some 16,000 of these sensory receptors are normally found within each cochlea. Additional hair cells in the vestibular labyrinth underlie our sense of equilibrium. Because they are not mitotically replaced after damage, hair cells are continually lost throughout life as a result of genetic lesions, infections, ototoxic drugs, acoustical trauma, and aging. Our research group is interested in understanding the normal hearing process and the causes of hearing deterioration as an initial step toward the prevention or reversal of deafness.


Our research group is interested in understanding the normal hearing process and the causes—as well as potential cures—for the deteriorating hearing that affects 30 million Americans. We focus on the development and regeneration of hair cells, the sensory receptors of the inner ear, both in larval zebrafish and in adult mice. We also study the active process that amplifies the ear's acoustic inputs and accounts for the remarkable sensitivity and frequency discrimimation of mammalian hearing. Our research group is of moderate size, about 15 people in total, and emphasizes collaboration and educational opportunities. We seek a colleague who will assist in research on the physiology and biophysics of hair cells.


The chosen individual will perform some routine tasks, such as:

  • Ordering supplies and equipment

  • Making solutions

  • Maintaining and calibrating apparatus

  • Overseeing experimental animals

  • Aiding in the conduct and analysis of experiments


Bachelor's degree required. This position requires the ability to manage multiple tasks, to interact with others, and to use computers for ordering, experimentation, and data analysis. Prior experience in neuroscience and programming would be valuable but not essential.

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans.

Compensation Range: Min

USD $46,000.00/Yr.

Compensation Range: Max

USD $50,000.00/Yr.

Job Locations US-NY-New York

Category Science

Position Type Regular Full-Time

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