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Job Information

Rockefeller University Research Assistant in New York, New York

Job: IRC27187


Job Title Research Assistant

Laboratory / Department 114300 Shaham Laboratory

Department Description

Apoptosis (programmed cell death) is essential for metazoan development. We study apoptosis in the nematode C. elegans, and are interested in understanding cues that regulate apoptosis during development. To this end we have used genetic strategies to identify cell-specific apoptosis regulators. The remarkable conservation of the apoptotic machinery suggests that our studies will yield insight into the regulation of mammalian apoptosis. Glia account for 90 percent of the cells in the human brain, yet compared to their neuronal counterparts little is known about their development, function and morphogenesis. C. elegans contains 24 neuron-associated cells that are strikingly similar to vertebrate glia. We are interested in understanding how these cells develop, acquire their morphologies and regulate neuronal activity. We are using laser ablation, time-lapse microscopy, genomic and genetic approaches to address these issues.

Detailed Description

The Research Assistant will work on the molecular and cellular aspects of psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases using the mouse disease models. Under the supervision of a senior scientist, the Research Assistant will perform a variety of molecular biology (RNA, DNA and protein isolation and purification, Western blotting, qPCR), histology (perfusions, brain dissections, tissue sectioning, immunocytochemistry), and behavioral testing. Will also be responsible for maintaining the transgenic mouse colony, including breeding and genotyping. #INDRES21

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in science required; educational emphasis in neuroscience, biology, or biochemistry preferred. Must have familiarity with basic molecular biology techniques and perform routine work and record-keeping in a neat and orderly manner. Must be willing to work with mice in a large rodent colony. Experience with molecular biology techniques preferred. Familiarity with basic neurobiology and neuroanatomy is desired.

Additional Details

This job requires that employees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. Rockefeller University provides reasonable accommodations where legally required including accommodations for medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs.

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans