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Job Information

Rockefeller University Research Specialist, Mammalian Cell Biology and Development in New York, New York

Job: IRC26151


Job Title Research Specialist, Mammalian Cell Biology and Development

Laboratory / Department Mammalian Cell Biology and Development

Department Description

Our laboratory begins with molecular mechanisms, and we work our way to the genetic bases of human diseases that are caused by defects in the proteins we study. We have repeatedly used this reverse genetic approach to successfully elucidate the genetic bases of a variety of human and mouse disorders, ranging from blistering skin disorders and skin tumors/cancers, to a rare form of muscle degeneration and a sensory neurological disorder.

Detailed Description

The Research Specialist will work as a part of a highly talented team of molecular, cell, and developmental biologists seeking an understanding of the properties of adult skin stem cells and how aberrations in their biology can lead to human disorders, including inflammatory disorders and cancers. The Research Specialist will contribute to cutting-edge research in skin stem cells by performing various techniques, including the engineering of transgenic and knockout mouse lines. Responsibilities include ultrasound-guided microinjection of early embryonic stages in mice, maintenance and propagation of animals housed in our facility, conducting techniques such as superovulation, embryo isolation and implantation, phenotyping, tissue biopsies, cryopreservation, and rederiving embryos. Depending on a candidates' science and experience, will have the opportunity to engineer new transgenic and knockout mouse lines through microinjection. May assist scientists and technicians by performing various investigative procedures and operating scientific equipment with the potential for contributions to scientific publications. Additional responsibilities include attending laboratory meetings, planning sessions, ordering chemicals/reagents, and other laboratory supplies. Will read literature applicable to research areas as required.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in science required; Master's degree in science preferred. Must have a minimum of five years of experience working with mice in a laboratory setting. Strong experience training in transgenic/ES technology and/or ultrasound-guided microinjection is desirable. Must have the ability to keep accurate records, learn complex tasks with general instruction and use previous experience to perform various new techniques. Must actively seek to increase skills and expertise. Strong computer skills, knowledge of MacOS, and proficiency in Microsoft Office a plus. Must be able to work flexible hours depending on the needs of the experiment. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic and passionate about the work they do and would take pride in their work within a cutting-edge scientific lab.

Additional Details

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans